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As an adult with health issues, Tiffany learned she was gluten and lactose intolerant.  This turned her life upside down. Not knowing where to start she found pre-made gluten free items overpriced and she still wanted to eat family favorites. Experimenting in the kitchen began with research and practice. Tiffany can now turn any desirable recipe into gluten and dairy free, without sacrificing the taste. Tiffany started blogging while going through treatments for infertility. Like many others; she struggled to talk about her experience, leading to an online journal for sharing emotions and heart. Following the birth of her first child she began to share gluten free substitutes for her favorite family recipes on her blog After three children in just three years, gluten free cooking has become a necessity. Discovering she was not alone in the challenge to feed a gluten free family, opened the path to writing Gluten Free Mom Certified. She creates and shares GF recipes each week on her blog to help GF mothers meet the challenge of GF cooking. Tiffany’s mission persists today to re-create the foods she grew up eating, into gluten and dairy free.


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